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  • also seen that you lifted the front via fork mod that i could not find. Ive got in mind a fork extender similar to the jr50. Would you be kind to a stranger and share what it is you did to the fork. No offence taken if not. I will be following future threads as i like your engineering. Ps , im a boily. Thx, Dusty
    Hi my67xr. I am Dusty. I have been searching high and low . I have a 2018 jr80 that i would like to lift. I had sort of figured out how to lift the rear via the linkage, then i found your thread which confirmed what i thought.
    yeah same here, sometimes you do get notifications sometimes not.
    no probs mate
    hey mate sorry i didnt add you sooner.. it didnt notify me that i got a request from some on the site..
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