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  • Recently bought a x4r, absolutely rapped with my purchase. I would recommend this bike to anyone.
    hey just wondering what would u prefer getting out of the dhz 140 crf70 dpro or the 160 dpro crf50 im going to be doing jusps about 5 foot high with a 10 foot gap
    Hey Ken, really looking foward to buying a 140 dpro in a couple of weeks just wondering the best deal you can do for me with a did chain also.
    Thanks heaps Mitch
    Hey Ken. All the guys on this forum really rep your bikes. The DHZ looks like a go for me. I just have one question. Some of the other members said that being a forum member you would offer us a small discount? If this is true, could you pm me with a price for your DHZ DPRO 125 and Outlaw 140 price. i live in perth WA. Thanks Ken. Look forward to talkin to ya.
    hey really keen and serous on getting a Pitsterpro, i have been watching and looking at a lot of info over the net the past couple days and though hey why not ask the guys them self. just a few question i notice use only have the 09 lxr, and 09 x4r these are really nice bikes but just wondering if there is any new bikes coming out soon? ohh and welcome to Miniriders :). and if i chose to go ahead and get a lxr what type of deal can use offer me?
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