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  • hey mate just reading your post bout riding the gong i live just up near crunulla ride appin every week end trying to sort out another place to ride it would be good to go and ride somwhere different
    hey mate just lookin at your crf50 im guessing you bought the stage III 88kit TB?

    i just installed one on mine just wondering if you could tell us with the jetting you went with so i can get a ruff start to work off?

    and also what part of aus you live in ?

    hey mate i was just wondering if you could fill us in about bushwakers can i just turn up there and start riding do you have to pay or is it someones private land or what ?? cheers
    yer umm wat brand r they? wat hubs? do they have heavy duty spokes? colour and r tires brand new what type and do they fit stock crf 50 axel?
    how much?
    wud u just sell 1
    thanks and how muvh just for the rear 1
    wats up mate, how u goin anyway iv seen all the threads you've posted and see that u know ur way around the gong. just wanteed to know if u could give us sum sort of direction and point my in the best place to ride without the cops on my bak?
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