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  • Interested in some Z'ed bits, If you know tomy, tell him to get on here and PM me back!!!!
    hey man, im really loving the sticker set on the crf50 88 limited you got up for sale. could you tell me where i can get my hands on a set of them HRC praphics?
    cheers Mark
    hi man just seen you had the mods list for the stocker class just wondering where you get the lists of mods allowed from?
    thanks axel.
    hey man i was just looking at your build thread and just wondering if you still had those bbr sp-5's .
    Hey dude
    ur bikes lookin preety sweet but dont u think sik gos with the skull and that over does it !!haha anyway catch u later
    um... i dont have the property for a ramp let alone the ramp itself! think your a lil confuzed...
    hey tommy
    where did you say i can get a fox float for 350 man , ???
    reilly said you told him thats how much get back to me asap bro thanks
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