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Nov 19, 2013
Oct 10, 2006
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Newcastle & Telly point
B Industrial design

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Certified MR Member, from Newcastle & Telly point

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Nov 19, 2013
    1. KennyAsian
      Hey, How can i make a custom sticker kit like yours? Thanks :)
    2. mboyg1
      heyy man im keen iv got some money but might be the end of the week before i have the hole amount and could you post it to QLD mackay????
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    3. mboyg1
      WOW im surprised this hasn't sold yet, verry nice clean bike. can you put up some photos of it sitting flat on both wheels please i would like to see. and you say you would post? at buyer cost of course. no promise but ill see how much money i can gather and ill have to have a speak to the old girl about it, but yehh keen!!
    4. tomy251
      Hi mate! Good to hear your Back ;)

      Just letting you know your PM Inbox is FULL so you cant receive new PM' Potential Buyers maybe?!

    5. bagndeo
      hey mate pretty keen on your 50, im in sydney and have cash just not as much as your asking, whats the lowest youd go dont want to low ball you so thought id ask first. Give us a txt as im not on here all that much my numbers 0422514972
    6. realmenride50s
      hay lou got the coin sending the stuff tomoz
    7. Dreadful
      Ripping mate I'm out at dallas but in in jindy and on the hill a bit so I'll see ya somewhere
    8. minimini
      hey dude ,
      did you get my text message other day
      get back to me bro ,
    9. minimini
      hey louis
      have you heard back for the fox float bro ??
    10. minimini
      hey lewis mate ,
      hows it going ,
      have you got an ishock for sale or anything mate ???
    11. zaffa86
      hey mate thanks for your help with the bike.

      It already has a genuine 26 mm... would the 24 be better?

      Wouldnt the bigger the better be the case more air/fuel equal more combustion?

      Thanks for the needle settings also... i think mine are way out

      Are those hi rev cdis , lighter flywheels worth the trouble or would a big bore kit be the best bet for more power. appreciate any help thanks mate...
    12. rider456
      hey do you want to sell the mazocchie forks?
    13. rider456
      hey i saw somewhere you had a spare yz style killswitch do you want to sell it? im looking for one
    14. minimini
      hey mate , what programme can i use to make my own custom number plates , you made some kits up once before on here , what you use so i can figure out what i want and then get you to make them up , or mxink too
    15. minimini
      hey unit ,
      where abouts do you work so i can come pick that hub up tomorrow mate?

      cheers get back to me
    16. minimini
      Hey unit , you home or at work tomorrow mate ?
      Wondering if you at work or at home il come get hub off ya ?
      What's ya name by way man
      You got ya phone back man
      Get back to me dude
    17. minimini
      Dude what time can i come pick up the rear hub for my drum tomorrow get back to me asap man , ???
      how much too ?
    18. minimini
      hey mate ,
      if i put a deposit on the engine , will you hold it until end of month please ,
      il pay 750 or whatever without the rev box okay dude ,

      get back to me , i can put deposit tomorrow if ya want , so no one can take it , get back to me asap please
    19. minimini
      oi dude ,
      can you get back to me about drum brake i need it for my bike asap man ,
    20. minimini
      hey man ,
      can i come and pick the rear drum brake up on weekend ,
      where do you live ,
      get back to me mate ,
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