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  1. S

    Foxico Z160HO, trails/enduro bigwheel

    Sweet just picked this up on a lead from mx67xr, cause he's such a great bloke! Talked the guy down from 250 to 200 since the back wheel is cheese! May be able to re-spoke it and tighten it up but possibly needs to be replaced. The chain is rusted together. It did go through from 1st-4th on the...
  2. M

    140cc lifan pitbike wont rev out

    Brought a 2nd hand 140cc lifan pitbike the other day, fuels been changed and oil. Took the carby of cleaned it all out. when started will rev high when i go to let the clutch go it will take off but with trouble like its starving for fuel? when i go to get into 2nd it will go bit wont rev out...
  3. Pitpro rider

    140cc Pit bike

    hey guys, im jayden from the gold im predy new to this like bike and this website i am just intro myself. Im 12 and is very fasanated in bikes and engine and love my pit bike and take alot of care of it. The main modifications are: engine dress up kit with valve and crank case breather...