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  1. AntNZ

    Help ! Pitsterpro LXR 17/14

    So i ordered a 2012 x4r couple of weeks ago and much to my surprise a lxr 14 turned up on my doorstep. Not complaining worth nearly 2k more. Thing is I dont know what year/model the bike is, I presume it is a 2012 but dont know. The only place on the bike that has lxr on it is on rear mudguard...
  2. L

    having trouble kick starting dhz 160cc

    new 2012 model of a dhz 160cc im finding it hard to kick over. its started a couple of times but thats it. is anyone else having trouble starting the bike? and if you know anyway of starting it let me know.
  3. dynamicgs

    2012 AMA Supercross has started!