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  1. Jonte

    Jetting 28mm pwk 160cc yx

    Hello! Can someone give me some baseline jetting for 28mm pwk carb. I think that 100 main and 38 pilot would be good, what do you guys think? I have 160cc yx with tb v2 head.
  2. zeus17

    confused should i go with an OKO 26mm or 28mm?

    hi, so i am planning to buy a new carb for my bike and i am confused with what i am trying to do should i go with a 26mm oko d flatside carb or a 28mm version? i read that i can go with a 28mm since oko carbs are known for using huges jets and stuff,, i think i can go with a 35 slow...
  3. wogtaz ryder

    Custom made Exhaust??

    just wondering if its a good idea to get a custom made exhaust? ive got someone that is willing to make one pretty cheap he works at a shop that does Car exhausts but has done a exhaust for his 450 and a few other bikes here and there , this is for my crf50 with 88cc s stage kit , what size pipe...