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wogtaz ryder

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Aug 27, 2007
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just wondering if its a good idea to get a custom made exhaust? ive got someone that is willing to make one pretty cheap he works at a shop that does Car exhausts but has done a exhaust for his 450 and a few other bikes here and there , this is for my crf50 with 88cc s stage kit , what size pipe do you reckon would be good? and is there any place you can buy a muffler as that will cost the most for him to make ,

would it be just a bolt on mod? would i have to re jet it like crazy or try a lot of different size pipes etc to get what i want or are pipes Quite easy to deal with???

because it feels as if the powercore on my bike now is (dont no the word) at high revs, as if it misses a beat every 1-2 seconds flat pinned . which is where the bike usually is when im riding,and it really lowers the top speed of it, and that would most probably be the size of the pipe is to small ????

so would it be as simple enough to just make a few mill bigger pipe for it and it should solve it?

Thanks for any help

First off I'd try a few different sized Chinese header pipes ie 23 and 25 mm or even bigger to see what works better so that you know which direction to head in ... Stop watch timing over a measured distance or dyno testing is the only way to know what actually makes genuine performance gains versus "psychological" performance gains ...

As for the missing up top ... check your spark plug colour after doing a throttle chop run .. if it's too light looking then try raising the slide needle by lowering the clip ... if it's still too light after that then you might have to go up a size in the main jet and put the clip back into the middle groove ... If it's black then try lowering the needle etc etc ...
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o yer i got 2 chinese exhaust lying around... ill have a looksie..,

And whats the go with the muffler ? pretty much anything goes? i found a old one off my bro's kx250 what would that be like :p i remember seeing a video of a 50 with a custom exhaust a two stroke muffler sounded pretty crazy!!

and the bends in the pipe , would that affect it much? duno if the tools/machines he got will give it a decent bend because there used to make car exhausts , if you no what i mean on the cheap china exhausts the bends are like full stretched and loose the thickness.

Cheers again! cactus.

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