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  1. rotn50

    Daytona Anima 150f rev limiter and ignition timing settings?

    So I did some reading of the 150f anima engine manual and came to the section where you have the different settings of the ignition timing and rev limiter, To those that are running these motors or those that have some insight or knowledge of this im wondering if you have heard what settings...
  2. my67xr

    Daytona TRex 150, Anima 150F, 150FDX, 150FLX, 190F, 190FDX, 190FLX PDF manual's

    Here are the service manual's for a few of the bigger Daytona engine's Daytona TRex 150E 2V PDF Manual http://mypitbike.ru/downloads/Daytona150E.pdf Daytona Anima 150F 4V PDF Manual http://mypitbike.ru/downloads/DaytonaAnima150.pdf Daytona Anima 150FDX 4V & 150FLX 4V PDF Manual DAYTONA ANIMA...
  3. rotn50

    rotn daytona 150f 4v

    Well most would know i purchased Nicks(nickv1980) Daytona 150f 4v and after a few pays and the wait on delivery the big girl has landed. This motor is heavier than any donk i have lifted and you can tell it is all in the build and the internals to cope with the extra power, she is a thing of...
  4. Killpatrickyum

    You guys seen this yet?

    We now present you with the next generation of power and beauty combined. 148cc 4 Valve Fuel Injected Superhead Factory Engines from Takegawa and Minimob Racing. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/photo.php?fbid=536911686349468&set=a.219316168109023.56999.219300741443899&type=1&theater
  5. grnman

    4 valve Takegawa +R New

    have you guys seen what Takegawa are putting out now? post some comments on what you think. http://www.takegawa.co.jp/2008_takegawa/top_img/ibent/ksr4v_web.pdf