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  1. B

    Pitbike Backfiring and Power Loss

    Ok so my Pitbike is a 2011 Pitster Pro frame and a 2006 Pitster Pro 125 motor. I just swapped the motor on to a newer frame a while ago. But I was out riding my pitbike on some trails and such for about 45 minutes. Nothing major. No jumping, dropping thrashing. Just trails. As I was riding on...
  2. G

    Zongshen 155z Running but wont rev properly and backfires

    Hi there i really need help with my pit bike I've done a rebuild on it (done the piston and rings, timing chain, valve clearances) also cleaned out the carby, it was running before i did this and i also did rebuild it one before.. It does start but it is a bit hard to get running and everytime i...
  3. pitmaster

    bike backfiring? URGENT iam going riding now!!!!

    just went to go for a ride, bike starts first kick still, but is backfiring when the throttle is snapped back, and will idle for about 10-20 seconds than splutter and die!!!! what could it be? i just put a new plug in, made no difference i was thinking vacumn leak? but cant find any...