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  1. Rizzo97

    Cause of bent axle?

    What causes a bent axle? Was doin 6ft+ jumps but usealy it handles them no worries.. Berings are getting chewed up and spit out every ride.. Could a bad bearing or loose bearing cause it to bend? Is a 15mm axle and my brother was hitting the same with a 12mm axle witch is fine still
  2. DHXrider

    FastAce Rear shock for parts!

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Great except for bent push rod PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: make an offer PM me, Pay through paypal for item. REASON FOR SELLING: I don't need it anymore EXTRA INFO: Shock still works but ....the lower rod is sorta bent so it will eventually...
  3. hallzee

    bent rim

    Any ideas on fixing a bent rim?? it looks as if someone as ridden prettymuch straight in to a curb or something and the walls of the rim at what appears to be the point of impact had flared outwards.. Moreso on one side than the other... It still rides fine has a bit of a wobble to it. I...