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  1. L

    Looking for big bore kit

    Hello guys I got my 125cc, it's not that fast only gets to 65 mph. I heard of people putting big bore kits on this 125s, turning them into 150 or 160 and yeah you get the idea. I want to get a kit, but don't know where to find them. Any help would be great
  2. my67xr

    Atomik Pitbike parts prices

    Atomik Comp L 172 spare parts hi, i'm just wondering if you have a parts list with the pricing for the Atomik Comp L 172cc bike please i have looked on your site but can't find one there. also could you please tell me the length, eye to eye, of the rear shock thanks, craig
  3. W

    150cc Big Bore for klx

    Does anyone know where to find a 150cc Big Bore Kit for a klx110. I'm having trouble locating ones of this size. Also does any one know a place in Melbourne or even Aus where you can send them the hold engine and they will machine and fit the bore kit for you, like that MotoHP place in the...