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  1. skidpig7

    Skidpig's Custom Minibike Build

    Probably starting the thread a bit early, but this semester in tech I am going to be building Minibike a bit like this one. The building should be starting sometime next week as my last half year exam is tomorrow. I'm planing to use a 160 Pitbike engine, mini gokart wheels and...
  2. skidpig7

    Pit Bike Track

    Hey guys, Im thinking of building Pitbike track at my farm so that people could come out and ride. I'm thinking either a Supercross style track with heaps of doubles and triples, whoops and berms or a motocross track with some bigger table tops and ruts. I'm also building a freestyle ramp in...
  3. TomaszBurcon

    Tom's Track

    Hey everyone i thought it was about time to make a thread about my home track... Sooo this is what i have got so far, it isnt that great but we are always getting more dirt and improving! So i figured i would make a thread for people to help me design the track and give me tips haha ;) So yeah...