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    49cc coolster questions

    So I just bought my little cousin a 49cc coolster dirtbike. I know you mix oil and gas for the fuel but I'm not sure if it uses oil in the transmission. It is an automatic with centrifugal clutch. Please inform me.
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    qg-210 coolster mod help

    I recently bought a coolster qg-210 for 50 dollars and it works fine. I bought this bike as a toy and a project. I want to know if there are any mods I can do to it to make it faster. Thanks. p.s. This is my only bike so i really don't know what i am doing. I have basic knowledge but I...
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    Wiring CDI unit on a coolster 125cc dirt bike engine make 214S

    im trying to set up a new cdi on my bike but the plastic thing that holds the five wires that plug into the cdi has came off and now my five wires are all loose. Does anybody out there know which wire goes to which prong on my cdi? There is a blue wire, a green wire, a black wire with a white...