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  1. F


    Im 16 in a couple weeks, 6 foot and between 75-80kg. I know its gonna be a bit small in size, im not going for anything close to a full size to be honest, im just not sure if with my size its gonna struggle. Ill mainly just mucking around on it and going round the farm n that sorta thing. Is it...
  2. dunny29er

    CRF150r graphics

    Anyone know where i can get these graphics in crf150r style i cant seem to find them and iv seen them on youtube vids on the 150 Factory Effex Monster Energy Graphic Kit - Dirt Bike Motocross 2010 Honda CRF450R - Motorcycle Superstore
  3. C

    Crf150r 2007 help

    Hi i own a crf150r 07 , what i did was i changed my motorbike tyre, and i was putting my wheels back on the motorbike and when i put everything proply and tighten the screws the wheel locked up, but when i loosen the screws the wheel is free back to normal so can someone please help its urgent.