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  1. dunny29er

    H&H ROCKSTAR Graphics for CRF150r

    Hey guys wondering if anyone knows if they have these graphics for a Honda CRF150R 2008 ONE INDUSTRIES HART and HUNTINGTON ROCKSTAR HONDA GRAPHICS KIT CRF250 04-09 | eBay Thanks Dunny
  2. dunny29er

    Crf150r Header pipe

    Hi its been a while im sure all of you are missing my annoying questions. Anyway would anyone know what kind of metal the stock crf150r header pipe be Thanks Dunny
  3. P

    Mso 140

    hey there, I am a chick wanting to upgrade my MSO 140cc to a bigger bike more suited to trail/motox riding. I love the power and handling of the MSO 140 but the wheels are just to small for the ruts and sand. Can anyone help me with what bike would be the equivalent power wise to a MSO 140...
  4. C

    [B]HELP ! with CRF150R[/B]

    Can someone please help me my back wheel is locked up and it wont move, but i checked my back brakes and there not locking up the wheel, and i dnt no wat is some please help!