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Apr 17, 2010
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hey there,
I am a chick wanting to upgrade my MSO 140cc to a bigger bike more suited to trail/motox riding.
I love the power and handling of the MSO 140 but the wheels are just to small for the ruts and sand.
Can anyone help me with what bike would be the equivalent power wise to a MSO 140 ie: CRF100F, CRF150R, CRF150F, TTR125, etc
I tried the suzuki DT125 but it seemed gutless and was a bit boring and felt like riding a lawn mower around. But not sure if the CRF150R will be a huge jump in power that i can't handle. ANY SUGGESTIONS??
Hi Peacock welcome to mini riders
I dont know a lot about crf's but I'd think the crf100f would be a minimal step in regards to actual power, and as far as I know the crf150r is quite a reasonable bike but is more powerfull than a crf150f, remember the bike will only do what you ask it to so I'd say that as long as your reasonbaly proficent with your mso either of the crf150's would be ok.
It might be an idea to post this into the general chat section to get a response from some of the dirt riders.

PS: keep the mso and build a tard bike out of it and have the best of both worlds
the crf150f would be comparable as far as power goes but the crf150rb is the better bike. handling and performance..

another option if your looking at keeping costs down is go for the atomik reign bigfoot either in 150 or 160

just remember tho, a bike is only as fast as you ride it. so if you get a crf150r or rb then just dont ride it like you stole untill your used to it..
Yeah, I have heard anything bad from riders of the crf150r's...

Also don't forget yz125's and things like that... But depends if you want 2-stroke or 4-stroke.
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Definately after a 4stroke. Had a CR80 few years ago but was to snappy for me.
Price range i am open, i can get great discounts off connections within the industry. But its just about finding the right bike powerwise at the moment!
Thanks Guys!
Oh ok.. Maybe the crf150f would be the closest thing to a mso140.. But with the crf150f, it isn't a motocross style bike, it's more of a farm bike so to speak. So the crf150r has my vote, see if you can have a ride of one first.
I am a short ass so small wheel would be ok.
I just had another thought too - what about fitting bigger wheels to the MSO 140 - does anyone know if this is a possibility. The pink one on ebay only located 5 mins away from me so might be worth a test ride so i can check it out and get a bit of a feel for it power and size wise~
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