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  1. G

    Convert Lifan 125 to 140cc

    Hey, i have that question that I have two lifan 125cc engines and both engine numbers are 1P54FMI. I want to put a 140cc cylinder on one of them if it is possible. Are the strokes the same on the 125 and on the 140 or it is different? If different is it possible to lathe to size the 140 cylinder...
  2. G

    Convert Lifan 125 to 140 if possible

    Hey, i have that question that I have two lifan 125cc engines and both engine numbers are 1P54FMI. I want to put a 140cc cylinder on one of them if it is possible. Are the strokes the same on the 125 and on the 140 or it is different? If different is it possible to lathe to size the 140 cylinder...
  3. Generalkrash

    140cc 125cc Franken build. Advice wanted.

    Hello there. We are working on my buddies bike motor and are attempting to build something different He has a gio 140cc barrel and piston we were going to widen the case a bit so the sleeve will drop down. In to the bottom end. The bottom end is a lifan 125cc with the 14mm wrist pin. Piston fits...
  4. A

    140cc Lifan Clutch, Seriously need help.

    Hello, I've just signed up because this flipping lifan engine is grinding my gears. Ok so the clutch isn't disengaging I might be possibly missing something! The pin inside the clutch cover works fine. But on the engine that pin is just engaging to the bearings on the pressure plate, am I...
  5. Naturalbornthriller

    Pit Bike Idling High then low then high .exc. with choke on or off:(

    I have an EVO 140cc Lifan Engine Iv noticed it is low on oil but dont know if it could be causing this problem, sorry im fairly new to bikes, also nothing really changes with the air fuel mix (only one screw on the carb and its on the left hAND SIDE opposite ide from the choke. Any...
  6. C

    Help me choose

    Hi there, first post, great forum!! Lurking around for a while, finally starting to get active. I've had a pit bike roughly 14 years ago, maybe it was some company's prototype. It just recently crossed my mind that I want a fun bike again, nothing too serious but something I can rely on...
  7. C

    New carb fitted, just backfires

    Hi everyone I'm new here and have no experience whatsoever with the mechanical side of things. I have a 140cc Atomik bike and after a ride the carb started pissing fuel from one of the hoses. Cutting a long story short I pulled the carb apart several times and only made things worse (although...
  8. R

    lifan 140cc vs 70cc top end rebuild kit?

    howdy one and all, im about to start a rebuild of a z50r and im trying to decide which route to take with the engine. I like the idea of keeping as much honda stuff on the bike as possible but for a bit more i could get a whole 140cc lifan engine. Has any one gone down either path before, are...
  9. U

    140cc "mini cafe racer" build

    Hi all ..not sure where to post my build so took a stab and thought "china builds" was the most fitting . Where do I start , a few years ago I bought a 140cc atomic. Built it up as a mini supercross bike and for years rode bush .then I parked it and have not done anything with it for a long time...
  10. 9

    fastace shock ?

    Fastace BFA01AR Rear Shock Absorber Gas 280 mm Dirt Bike BS35AR | eBay is this shock ok my standard one is stuffed so need a new one dont want to spend heaps
  11. motorman

    Atomik onboard as new Site Sponsor!!

    Hey All, It's with great pleasure I announce that Atomik have come onboard as a site sponsor. I know a lot of members have Atomik bikes so this is great news for the site and sport. Please welcome Andy and the team onboard. Nick
  12. R

    what kind of bike is this?

    Hey guys, So I have this bitsa bike we picked up on the weekend, it's a 90cc semi auto for our 10 year old to step up from his quad. We wanna get some new plastics for it, and the bike has been changed out from its original frame, so not sure what this frame is and whether the...
  13. D

    yx140 cam issues, anti kickback

    I just put a head back on my engine after I have reseated the valves and put in new piston and rings after a quick hone of the bore. Put it all back together and I have 0 compression. There is no leaks through new head gasket and head bolts are tight. So what is it? My thoughts are on the...
  14. Q

    Dpro 140 and 160 swingarm bearings the same?

    Just as the title says, both our swingarm bearings are a bit tight. Have taken mine off (the 160) and will first try soaking them for a bit and cleaning them out, if that fails will be buying some more. May as well pick up both sets at the same time if they are the same size
  15. D

    picked up this 140cc bike on the weekend opinions

    hey guys from the uk Picked this up today has been built from scratch using a bbr permiter style frame, yx140 engine just run in, molkt 26mm card, stomp exhasut etc i have put pro taper bars on it and have bought a few little tarty bits etc question is is this frame any good? and do any...
  16. H

    Atomik 140cc Nitrous

    Hi Guys, Just looking for some confirmation. I've got a new Atomik 140cc Nitrous on the way and I've read a lot of posts about what to do. Can you confirm if what I am going to do is correct? 1. Immediately change oil to a mineral 10/40 or 15/50 for the first two oil changes, then...
  17. D

    2009 Motovert Pro 125cc Daytona or 2012 Motovert Pro 160cc

    Gday guys, Quick background on myself. I'm 19, about 65kgs, 5ft10 and used to ride all the time up until I sold my YZ85, YZ125 and ebay pitbike a couple years back. But my love for dirtbikes keeps calling, so considering I can't afford to buy the latest KTM 500EXC at the moment, I've decided...
  18. dessy

    Atomik Comp 140 / 160

    G'day Guys, After a search I wasn't able to find much info from Atomik Comp owners. The seem good for the $s but I am keen for some feedback from someone who owns one. NEW ATOMIK COMP 140CC PIT TRAIL MOTOR DIRT BIKE THUMPST | eBay Cheers.
  19. J

    New cdi

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows where I can get a new cdi for a klx style tdr with a lifan 140cc oil cooled engine? Any help would be much appreciated :)
  20. stumbows

    A new pit bike

    I had a few pit bikes back in 07-08 when I was an active member here but sold them off and I was really getting into road bikes at the time. But I've had a bit of a sparked interest in these things again lately and want to get another one. See the thing is this too, I'm not sure if I'll have...