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Oct 1, 2016
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Hi there, first post, great forum!! Lurking around for a while, finally starting to get active.

I've had a pit bike roughly 14 years ago, maybe it was some company's prototype. It just recently crossed my mind that I want a fun bike again, nothing too serious but something I can rely on. Mainly use will be exploring campsites and surroundings, maybe some track no one ever goes to. Budget would be around the 1500+ mark. I'm 176cm, 80kgs. I'd like the engine to be 140cc - 160cc, Tyres 14-12 (prefer) or maybe 17-14. What is out there, what would you guys recommend, I don't want to do races, but don't want to slow down for a hill either. How many km's can you get out of a 3l tank? Thanks in advance
Hey mate
Welcome to the forum. Jump over to the Introduce yourself thread and drop a post about yourself.
If you are in Vic there are a few nice bikes for sale at the moment.
Motoman is selling one of his LXR 190s for $1600
(shameless advertisement) Im selling a Braaap Mx2 with 7 hours on it for $1400 as well.

Most Braaaps, Pitster pros, Motoverts, Ciniworx and Ycfs are gonna do well for you.
Unsure on Kms out of a tank but my Lxr 190 will normally get around 2 hours of solid riding time around a track so id say at least 30-40kms.