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  1. pneumatic

    My DHZ160 Mini Motard

    Hi All, I picked this bike up for $1200 2nd hand, I think it is a 2015ish model? I put some heat wrap on the exhaust, a cheap ebay sticker kit, a unifilter and a decompression lever. Otherwise it was ready to go. I also replaced the fuel tap as it was dripping on the air cleaner. I have been...
  2. Transworld01

    The Angry Bird - Tightass Motard

    Hey Miniriders, Having recently picked up a bike, after about 7 years without one, I'm back. I heard about the moto nights at LeMans and went down for a look a few weeks ago. It looked like awesome fun, so the search for a bike began. With not much cash to play with I picked up the...
  3. F

    Honda CRF 50 or DHZ Outlaw 150

    Ok so I know the DHZ will obviously be faster and the crf is more expensive I would be getting a second hand crf 50 (maybe 2013 and up model) and the DHZ would be brand new. Ive been told that the honda is better quality but the DHZ seems a much better deal and ive heard good reviews from them...
  4. F

    DHZ DPro 160 or DHZ Outlaw 150

    Hey guys im new here. Would be buying brand new just not sure which model is better. More looking for an opinion of the Dpro as i havent found any recent reviews on it. Thank you :) Also what would be the first Upgrades.
  5. C

    Help me choose

    Hi there, first post, great forum!! Lurking around for a while, finally starting to get active. I've had a pit bike roughly 14 years ago, maybe it was some company's prototype. It just recently crossed my mind that I want a fun bike again, nothing too serious but something I can rely on...
  6. M

    crf50 to crf70 what is actually different ?

    Hey guys so new to pit bikes always had big bikes. My question is i have a DHZ 160 with the crf50 style, so round rear sub frame. I have the option to change the frame and want to go the crf70 so i can get abit wider. i have the option between both frames atm so im wondering if i buy the crf 70...
  7. Carlts

    FS: PSTO 160cc Build

    ITEM AND CONDITION: PSTO 160cc Build PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">$800</span> $700 REASON FOR SELLING: Bro is getting a big bike EXTRA INFO: PSTO build that was started and never finished. Started with a core used PSTO frame and...
  8. Carlts

    FS: Pitster Pro LXR 160cc

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Pitster Pro LXR (Nitro Circus Edition) GPX 160ho PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $1,700 o.n.o REASON FOR SELLING: Bro is getting a full size bike EXTRA INFO: PitsterPRO LXR160HO, 2014 model nitro circus edition, low 5.7 hours. Bike & air filter cleaned...
  9. D

    Pitpro 125 or Dhz 140

    Which one of these bikes would be better for a 12 year old turning 13 In October, 5 ft tall who is going through a growth spurt?
  10. J

    Bleeder screw on the lxr

    I need some help with the fork bleeder screw on a nitro circus lxr my son has lost them does anyone know the size of them an the tread type I spoke to dhz they said they don't sell them so I'm going to have to buy a set of fork bleeders to replace them
  11. my67xr

    New 2015 DHZ 160cc, LXR Spec

    I see the new 2015 DHZ LXR spec Pit Bike pics have come out Update picture Comes with GPX Forks (gold) with new plusher valving.
  12. F

    Dhz outlaw 160 motard

    Hello i'm new to motards and i was wondering about the Dhz 160 motard. Is it any good and does it come with everything in the photo? I haven't seen a review of this bike and Dhz hasn't answer my emails.
  13. L

    FS [NSW] DHZ outlaw 140

    ITEM AND CONDITION: DHZ outlaw 140 PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $350 REASON FOR SELLING: Doesn't get used, is gathering dust EXTRA INFO: Has been sitting unused for a year now, trying to pass it on to someone who will give it the time it deserves. A small thread on it here...
  14. L

    DHZ outlaw 160r

    Would the DHZ outlaw 160r be good for FMX jumping
  15. china911

    dhz 110 lowering rear

    one of the kids has out grown the pw 50 and l want to put them on the dhz. Still a little tall. It currently runs a 280 mm length . lm looking at something cheap and 240mm. or less if they exist. Cheap means no rebound adjust. DHZ has a DNM 240 with rebound for $90 odd dollars. Are they...
  16. LEO DPRO 037

    fork oil

    Can anyone tell me roughly how much oil ill need to re-fill my forks on a dhz dpro160. And what types are there, any recommendations or advice appreciated.
  17. F

    gear shifter 110 dhz

    Is there any after market gear shifters out there that fit on a dhz 110 semi auto the standard one is just crapy.. I tryd one but the dont fit under the engine casing
  18. B

    DHZ Dpro 160

    Hi guys, just signed up to mini riders and am about to purchase my very first mini bike. Just chasing thoughts on the DHZ Dpro 160? Any pros and cons are welcome. Also is there anything i should modify straight away? Cheers
  19. LJasonH

    Outlaw 160R Preparation List

    Ello there! About to order a 160R and just getting ready for its arrival. So far on the list I have: Engine oil (no tranny oil?) Dot4 brake oil Loctite (and nail-polish if I run out) Iridium spark plug Grease and anti-seize Apart from that, am I missing anything? Might I mention a Uni...
  20. Stubsy

    removing dhz outlaw rear brake pedal

    anyone tell me how to remove my dhz outlaw rear brake pedal? does it have a keeper bokt cause I cant see one.