Dhz outlaw 160 motard

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Oct 10, 2014
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Hello i'm new to motards and i was wondering about the Dhz 160 motard. Is it any good and does it come with everything in the photo? I haven't seen a review of this bike and Dhz hasn't answer my emails.
The outlaw model is dhzs flagship model I guess, if you dont count p'ps lxr. They seem to be a really good bike for a non linkage set up, and for the price they come with good gear, forks and shock etc. I havnt bought the motard model, but it would be much the same as the dirtbikes I imagine..
What do you think would be better for all round stuff, The outlaw motard or the Dpro 160 cause i ride both dirt and road. from what i've heard the motard wheels aren't too strong.
I wouldnt be wasting a motard on the dirt, it will chew the tyres out horribly, its not hard to change your rims over however, and remove the sliders etc