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  1. pneumatic

    My DHZ160 Mini Motard

    Hi All, I picked this bike up for $1200 2nd hand, I think it is a 2015ish model? I put some heat wrap on the exhaust, a cheap ebay sticker kit, a unifilter and a decompression lever. Otherwise it was ready to go. I also replaced the fuel tap as it was dripping on the air cleaner. I have been...
  2. Transworld01

    The Angry Bird - Tightass Motard

    Hey Miniriders, Having recently picked up a bike, after about 7 years without one, I'm back. I heard about the moto nights at LeMans and went down for a look a few weeks ago. It looked like awesome fun, so the search for a bike began. With not much cash to play with I picked up the...
  3. Hilli32

    Pitpro Limited Edition 140cc Motard bike

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Originally bought in 2011 to race warrnambool state motard championships but hasnt been ridden since end of 2012! ...Motor mods include... -High comp piston -High performace camshaft -Ported and Polished head -New gearbox plus it was correctly shimmed ....Rest...
  4. Mexico

    Braaap Street Superlite

    I have had the Braaap Street Superlite for a few months now and is going well. When I got it home: First mod. Shrink licence plate holder. Second Mod, exhaust. DHZ to the rescue. Next was removing the 125 and dropping in the Daytona 190 along with a new carby to match. Carby...
  5. P

    motard racing In w.a

    Hey fellas..wanting to know if there's any mini motard events coming up in or around perth way?? If not lets get one organized at one of the kart tracks aye
  6. S

    My mini motard from the USA

    Found you guys forum down under and looks nice. Saw a mini motard forum so why not post up. Here is my Piranha P160R Motard. Stock when picked up. First change was a simple graphics scheme change. This is the current set up, but will switch up to a custom made set up mid to end of...
  7. F

    Dhz outlaw 160 motard

    Hello i'm new to motards and i was wondering about the Dhz 160 motard. Is it any good and does it come with everything in the photo? I haven't seen a review of this bike and Dhz hasn't answer my emails.
  8. T

    Mini Motard, Archerfield, QLD

    Where can I get info about mini motards at Archerfield? Thanks.
  9. R

    Victorian MiniMotard?

    Hey all i have a z50r i was thinking of turning into a motard bike but im just wondering if there is any point are there regular races?, where are they at?. Any info would be great thanks a lot.
  10. T

    Super mini motard

    I got plans to turn this 49cc into a motard, using the 6.5in road version wheels, would like to put a 50cc 4 stroke in but cant seem to find one.
  11. T

    Newbie Motard Rim Question

    Hey guys, Im new to the whole mini bike scene, especially the motard part, my question is, can i put the motard 12in tyres onto the standard 12in rims? Oh and I have a 125cc Orion. Thanks.
  12. P

    Motard wheels Atomik

    Where is the best place to get motard wheels for my 140 Atomik?
  13. kosta

    IMR-RACING.COM Supermotard Wheels with PMT Tyres

    ITEM: 12 inch Front and rear imr-racing rims, fitted with PMT medium compound tyres, including 15mm front and rear axles. These are quality wheels and tyres from Europe for the serious racer. Apparently they weigh less than 3kg each, which is great for racing. CONDITION: They look great to...
  14. G

    3 phase lighting coil rectfier needed.

    Well I hit a new 160z and it comes with a 3 phase coil I'm looking for a new rectfier for it as it didn't come with one. Any ideas?
  15. B

    Any one mini motard in SA

    Hi is there any one that rides min motards In SA ? When, where ?? Keen
  16. Norway

    EOI - Mini Motard

    G'day Been trying to sell my bike locally for a few months with no luck has been advertised on egay with no interest either GPX Black Label forks 730mm, Adjustable Rebound and Compression, Spring Pre-load Elka rear shock Adjustable Rebound and Compression, Spring Pre-load, Remote Reservoir...
  17. stumbows

    Mini Motard in Wollongong

    On the weekend Saturday 17th August I heard there was going to be a round of a mini motard series being held at Wollongong City Raceway, so I went over to check it out to find there was one race with pocket bikes and not a single mini motard to be seen in sight! I'm about to complete a motard...
  18. grnman

    KTM 85cc Motard build

    I thought id start a build thread of a KTM 85cc motard project im doing. i have been doing alot of research on it so i thought that this maybe helpful to those also who are thinking about doing it. Firstly, i chose the KTM over all the other 2-strokes as it has a powervalve, direct link...
  19. ----M@TT----

    Atomik Nitrous Motard

    NEW ATOMIK NITROUS MOTARD 160CC PIT MOTOR DIRT BIKE (eBay item 170566547378 end time 18-Nov-10 21:30:12 AEDST) : Cars, Bikes, Boats Wow atomik have gone to motards now? Is is this first time? never seen it on their site before thats all
  20. Barnesd09

    Motard Ride Day 3rd Oct Stony Creek

    Hello to everyone. The guys at Stony Creek Go Kart Track have been kind enough to open their track to us for one day only as a test run for possible future days and racing. Depending on how things go, we will be invited for membership, be able to ride there on the weekends and have our own...