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Mar 5, 2017
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Brisbane - QLD
Hi All,

I picked this bike up for $1200 2nd hand, I think it is a 2015ish model?

I put some heat wrap on the exhaust, a cheap ebay sticker kit, a unifilter and a decompression lever. Otherwise it was ready to go. I also replaced the fuel tap as it was dripping on the air cleaner.

I have been taking it out to Small Wheel Sunday - Lakeside - QLD - Australia at Lakeside. I've done 3 track days so far, here are my thoughts...

The brakes work ok, a bit more power on the front would be good, but it's ok. Engine goes ok for a 160cc, I have had the odd false neutral between 3rd and 4th. Things do like to fall off, Hopefully I have everything loctited on now. Ebay sticker kit was crappy, I've had to melt it slight with a heat gun to help form it on and make it stay attached.

The stock CST slick tyres are awful. Others have said they gripped ok but didn't last long, but I am finding they are lasting ok (3 track days so far and they look half worn, probably ~1hr riding total at each day) but the grip is terrible. I need to play with suspension settings to try to get more grip out of them, but so far they slide early and chatter when they slide. I suspect they are inconsistent and probably different between each set you buy. I played around with pressure a little and ended up at 23psi.

As a comparison I used to run a DRZ400 at the same track. The CST's have less grip than the crappy old Michelin Pilot Road 2 tyres I originally had on it. I went to Pirelli Supercorsas and later to Dunlop alpha 13's which both had heaps of grip, I could easily get my knee down everywhere. On the DHZ with CST slicks I can't get my knee down, I have had either 2 wheel drifts or big back end slides when I try.

Here is a video of me chasing a guy in yellow on another mini;

I think he was running Bridgestone BATTLAX BT-601SS tyres. He appeared to have a lot more grip and he tyres looked good at the end of the day. Those might be an option in the future. The other option might be the Dunlop TT93's, I have read a few good reports on those. Anyone else have any suggestions on tyres?


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