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  1. pneumatic

    My DHZ160 Mini Motard

    Hi All, I picked this bike up for $1200 2nd hand, I think it is a 2015ish model? I put some heat wrap on the exhaust, a cheap ebay sticker kit, a unifilter and a decompression lever. Otherwise it was ready to go. I also replaced the fuel tap as it was dripping on the air cleaner. I have been...
  2. android90

    Motovert rx z160HO exhaust help

    Hey guys Im back haha , top end of my Lifan 150 is stuffed and the bottom end is too so I got a z160ho from DHZ , now I am after peoples opinions of best exhaust for this engine but keep in mind it will be in a road legal pitbike so dont want to get defected all the time and have to take it in...
  3. rumble

    S.A motard racing

    Atujara MCC who are running the SA supermoto series, are looking for people interested in racing mini motards. If you are at all interested, email [email protected] for more information. There is a hill climb coming up shortly and two more races towards the end of the year, with lots...
  4. Wattsy76

    CQ Mini Moto Vids

    Check out CQ Mini Moto for their latest Vids. Look under Video tab for the latest races and crashes!!! Also on you tube under CQ Mini Moto.
  5. sam93

    New to the motard scene, would love advice

    As some of you people may have scene I had a thread in "mini chat" Thought I should make a new one in here clean it up a bit and if a mod could please delete my old thread? I'm looking at getting into motard just exploring my options at the moment with how I am going to go about it. Would...
  6. Nadza72

    QLD Minimotard Titles 2010

    Is anyone currently thinking about or even already organising any type of QLD titles for for mini motard next year. If not already under way are there any riders and or QLD club members interested in QLD titles in some format next year. Everybody feel free to join in the thread with ideas or...