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Jun 24, 2009
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Vic - Keysie
Hey Miniriders,

Having recently picked up a bike, after about 7 years without one, I'm back.

I heard about the moto nights at LeMans and went down for a look a few weeks ago. It looked like awesome fun, so the search for a bike began.

With not much cash to play with I picked up the cheapest working bike I could.


Yes, yes, I know. It's a TDR. However, I'm hoping the frame strength won't be an issue on pavement. Also, it was $150 with almost no use, so that sealed the deal. Runs perfectly, and looks like its had some love.

I found an Angry Birds sticker in my toolbox and, since the bike was pink and a bit silly, I christened it the Angry Bird. I will throw it at some pigs at some point :)

So far, I've added some Renthal bars, and white plastics. I've also been going over the bike with the grease and toctite, with a few bits still left to do.


That's where it stands at the moment. I'm hoping you guys can give me some advice on a couple of things.

- I think the widest DHZ wheels will fit, but I'n not 100% sure. Can anyone suggest what measurements to take so I'm sure? Should I just get the 2.12" and 2.50" set?
(I'm a car guy, not so confident with bikes)

- Has anyone fit a CRF style pipe to one of these perimeter frame things? The stock pipe squashes down to half OD to get past the shock. Surely it doesn't need to be within the frame?

- How do I find out who made this engine? It's a 154FMI, but I think many companies make them. I'd like to do a bit of a piss-take sticker job with Ducar or Lifan Racing, eBay etc in fluro green or orange, with the wheels painted to match.

I'll try to keep moving and keep some updates coming :)

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