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  1. A

    Best Pit Bike forks for value

    Hi wanting to buy some decent forks for my Atomik Reign Bigfoot 160cc What’s would people recommend that I could get in Melbourne for a reasonable price. Thanks in advance.
  2. A

    Atomik Riders Australia HELP

    I have the Atomik Reign Bigfoot 160cc. I want to know how best to stiffen the forks as when I jump the bike not only are they too soft but the also bottom out. Also what mods or upgrades have other riders used on these bikes? Cheers
  3. F

    Atomik reign bigfoot rec reg?

    Hey everyone, buying a second hand atomik reign bigfoot tomorrow that has all the requirements for rec reg through Vic roads but does anyone if the bike itself is eligible? Are pit bikes in general acceptable for rec reg?
  4. C

    Help me choose

    Hi there, first post, great forum!! Lurking around for a while, finally starting to get active. I've had a pit bike roughly 14 years ago, maybe it was some company's prototype. It just recently crossed my mind that I want a fun bike again, nothing too serious but something I can rely on...
  5. C

    New carb fitted, just backfires

    Hi everyone I'm new here and have no experience whatsoever with the mechanical side of things. I have a 140cc Atomik bike and after a ride the carb started pissing fuel from one of the hoses. Cutting a long story short I pulled the carb apart several times and only made things worse (although...
  6. 21Guns

    2015 Atomik Nitrous 125cc

    So I bought the Nitrous 125cc of Ebay around March for a grand sum of $580 including postage with the expectations of its a chinese bike I'll probably have it thrashed and broken within a few months. It was my first pit bike and first time I'd really ridden an offroad bike. Honestly these last...
  7. throttlebasher99

    thoughts on this bike??

    150CC BIGFOOT GREEN should i get this? or should i get a second hand atomik 150
  8. R


    Hi guys I am new to dirt bikes Recently bought a used atomik 250cc to get the hang of things I have ridden dirt bikes before but just in a paddock etc Thinking of taking the atomik to a mx track as i would like to get into the mx world However I need some help with my brakes , rears seem...
  9. R

    Atomik fuse 125cc plastics

    Hi I've been struggling to find out what plastics/ fenders to buy for my girl friends atomik fuse. She's after pink ones and I can't figure out what style plastics will fit her bike.. Can some one please help me out :) some info would be much appreciated .thanx guys
  10. N

    Atomik Nitrous

    Thinking of getting a 125 atomik nitrous, how do they go over the trails? Or how are they over all
  11. L

    Atomik with ssr engine

    Hey guys just wondering your thoughts on this?, picking it up for $250
  12. Rizzo97

    Atomik nitrous 150 details?

    Just wondering about the details of this bike that I can't find. Like axles sizes, spline size for front sprocket and any other usefull info about the bikes that isn't on the atomik site of eBay Thanks in advance
  13. roostyamates

    Pro taper bars

    hey guys just wondering if i would need to change anything on my bike (atomik nitrous 160) to fit pro taper xr50 bars?
  14. roostyamates

    when buying a used bike!

    Just wondering if anyone can give me some tips when it comes to buying a used bike ? Im on my way to look at a atomik nitrous 160
  15. roostyamates

    Atomik nitrous 160cc opinions

    hey just wondering if this is a good buy for $450 this 2011 atomik nitrous 160, has had very little use by the looks of it and think $450 is a reasonable price, im just looking for a bike to learn on and something that is pretty reliable..
  16. roostyamates

    Atomik nitrous 160cc

    I'm buying a 2011 all stock Atomik nitrous 160cc that hasnt done much riding what are the first upgrades i should do? thanks
  17. Biff80

    Opinions Please

    Im needing some feedback. im looking at buying a 50cc possibly a 70cc for my 12yo nephew for xmas, just wanting opinions on what brand/models you would recommend. i want to buy a china bike but so much companies to choose from, Atomik, Pit Pro, TDR, Pitster Pro the list goes on. Im thinking a...
  18. jev

    What Atomik is this ?

    Recently picked up this atomik and would like to know what model it is?
  19. jev

    atomik 125 compression

    Hi, Picked up a atomik 125 couple of weeks ago and it has a ducar engine in it. in neutral has heaps of compression but when clutch is in it doesnt seem to have very much compression. any ideas? Has a weak spark so thinking coil is stuffed, i'll swap it over with a spare i have...
  20. Chenaho

    Which bike brand should I consider getting?

    Hey guys, I am new to Miniriders, and I am not too savvy when it comes to choosing motorbikes. My old motorbike was a TDR 125, which was just plain and simple crappy. I had snapped my spokes just from riding, and it was slow and small - it was just complete crap. I've been looking around, but...