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  • Dear sean01 motor man has referd me to you and told me you are the man when it comes to clutch problems I have a thread with my questions your help will be much appreciated thanks Swhisher
    Hi seano1.
    Tried looking for what I have to post in the layout of my wanted ad but can't find anything. Is there a link
    good morning sean... i installed the jets on my PE24 you suggested on my bike (130cc) 95main and 36slow... needle at the middle clip... idle is good.. but there seems to a delay in response when coming to 3/4 throttle before WOT ... i forgot to mention that the carb is open (no air filter is used)
    gud day sir... im from the philippines.. im using a suzuki bike underbone (some call it moped) in its stock form its only 110cc (53.5 bore, 48.8 stroke) and had it bored out to 57.5mm using a semi dome type piston.... im using a keihin pe24 roundslide (thailand) with 110main and 40slow.. (runs better than the previous carb i used - keihin pd19 series) but the problem is, the exhaust smells unburnt fuel and sometimes it smokes (not like with the pd19 carb).. so what jettings should i be using on my bike..... thanks in advance...
    hey sean
    my sons friends yz250f started backfiring excessivelyon backoff on the weekend,still runs great has heaps of power and starts easy just backfires continuously whenever you backoff
    any ideas
    Hi Mate, just wondering if you could hgelp me out. Can i send you an email that i have from revoultion mx. I recently got an email from minirdiers about a sale on at revoultion mx and it was on the miniriders forum under sponser offers but has since been removed. i wrote to revoultion mx about an engine on sale. Ross has written back but i would like to know if is SPAM or for real.

    Hope you can give me an idea if its all legit.

    Cheers Brett
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    i only ride on sundays.
    i go riding in donnybrook, glasshouse and white horse mountains forestry
    hey mate i am up on the coast and got a pitty lookin to go riding with other pitty guys during the week where do you go
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