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  1. D

    Mso/mco question?

    Ok so theirs a big camp ground /riding place in my area and their rules say ur vehicle atv and bikes need to b registered tA ride their. Now to get it registered I need an Mso or mco and my pit bike is a super cheap china bike and have no idea how to get one anyone help?
  2. P


    HI all, I currently have a MSO 140cc that goes fantastic but its too small. Going to upgrade to a TTR125 but doesn't seem to have much grunt. What would i need to do to the TTR to give it more lower power Cheers
  3. P

    Yamoto HSR 140 Big Wheel

    Hey There, Wondering if anyone has tried and tested the Yamoto HSR 140 Big Wheel and how the compare to a CRF100 and a MSO 140. Cheers:)
  4. P

    Mso 140

    hey there, I am a chick wanting to upgrade my MSO 140cc to a bigger bike more suited to trail/motox riding. I love the power and handling of the MSO 140 but the wheels are just to small for the ruts and sand. Can anyone help me with what bike would be the equivalent power wise to a MSO 140...
  5. R

    Which way to go Crf50 or 140 china?

    Firstly, im sorry, you guys get this a lot. im just struggling to find the threads with the answers. Im looking for my new hobby. Pitbikes! At first i was looking at the china bikes (pitpro/dhz/pitboss/ mso*who no longer make bikes so im a bit weary of them? I tend to lean to the 140 range...
  6. cmpbll911

    Oil in new bikes

    Me and some mates are all picking up some MSO's next weekend, and we're unsure on what to do about the oil. With the last mini I had (atomik Nitrous) i just used the shit oil that comes in the bike for a few riding hours, about one tank of fuel, then changed the oil with some quality semi...