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  1. Clinton3

    Broken YX. Only got it yesterday :(

    Hey all, Today was my first ride on my Dirtmax Dominator +r with a 160cc YX engine. The bike is second hand with about 5 hours on it. Never seen more then a paddock. After about 30mins I stopped the engine and when I went to start it the rear wheel was locked, even in N or with the...
  2. Clinton3

    Should I be concerned?

    Hey all, Today I bought a Dirtmax Dominator +r. 160cc It cost $2995 new but I got it second hand with about 5 hours on it. It's never seen anything more then a small paddock. This is my first big bore engine and I have two concerns with it: Firstly: The engine is quite loud, not the...
  3. Clinton3


    Hey Everyone, The brand Dirtmax is rarely mentioned on these forums. I know a few people that ride them but can't seem to find any reviews or opinions on them in these forums. Are they any good? Cheers
  4. J3NNINGS_024

    Dirtmax Quality

    hey guys, at the start of the year i bought a "Dirtmax 150cc Avenger version 2" for my perimeter build. As soon as i got the engine in the bike i dropped the shipping oil and put in castrol activ 4t and did the valves. I ran it in hard and serviced it when it needed to. so as you can see the...