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  1. P

    drz 70 parts

    does anyone know where I can get some decent parts for my drz 70 a good website? I'm looking for a rear rim and a swingarm
  2. G

    Help finding drz 70 2011 upgrades ect

    Hey guys I'm new to miniriders and have a few questions about the Suzuki DRZ 70. I've recent brought a 2011 drz 70 for under $1000. It is in great condition. But am wanting to make a project out of it and turn it into a quicker and better bike to suit me. I have got a RM 250. Last time I...
  3. A

    2008 suzuki drz 70 random cdi questions

    Hello I'm new to the forum so I would like to start out by saying hello and thank you for any help or info. My question is I have a 2008 suzuki drz70 dirtbike I bought in 2012 from a buddy that rode it since it was new. When I bought the bike it had been sitting for about a year and a half...
  4. S

    SA miniriders day....a few riders short but we still had a blast!!!

    Ok just the easiest thing to edit, I think we're all a little tired today! Will be posting up some youtube vids of it once I have enough energy to edit them!!! Hope some others got out for a boot this weekend? Was a little warm and dusty but hey, still a lot of fun!!
  5. AussieMX

    DRZ-70 FS: $1500

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Very regrettable sale... 2009 Mod Suzuki DRZ-70 Owner from brand new and never had an issue with it. PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $1500 I am in the Perth area basically every weekend, and can arrange pick-up. Willing to ship at buyers expense. REASON FOR...
  6. Prater999

    Which carby???

    Hey guys i was wonderin which carby u guys would recommend for my drz? Any advice will b helpful Thanx guys :) :lsvader:
  7. Prater999

    Frame difference?

    Hey how similar do u think a drz70 frame would b 2 a crf50 frame? just looking at it b4 made me wonder how close they really could b, but judging on the engine capcity i get the feeling that the sub frame and mounts may differ slightly The 1st pic is the drz and the 2nd is the crf Thanx...