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  1. jimbo jones

    Replacement CDI and Coil for 125 Atomik

    Im going to replace my CDI and coil and wanted to know hat brand I should buy are the ebay one's any good? 125 cdi racing | eBay
  2. T

    LEI Pit Bikes

    can any one tell me anything about LEI pit bikes? bad? good? i just brought this of ebay, its only for the missus she wont hardly use it, let me know what you think. NEW LEI Motor SM 150cc RED PIT Trail Dirt Bike | eBay
  3. M

    3 Phase Stator into Chinese Motor (Sachs Madass woes)

    Hi Tech Masters, After searching for quite some time, I've finally picked up a "49cc" registered Sachs Madass. This in itself excites me somewhat. Anyway, its got the 88cc BBR kit installed already, but I need a clutch and at least 125cc before I'm going to enjoy this bike. I'm looking at...
  4. R

    So sorry for asking this question but I have no clue!!!! (49cc quad/bike)

    I know this question has probably been asked a million times but I've searched and searched and I'm having trouble finding anything recent. I NEED help with 49cc quads. I have a boy nearly 4 crazy mad about quads and bikes. I am looking at getting him a little quad. Now, I'm a girl, I have...
  5. Tryggvi

    Possible electric start?

    Hi, i mostly watch threads instead of making them so i might do something wrong anyway i have a 125cc terra moto krusha and it has a starting motor and all the wires but not a battery i was wondering if it's just that simple that i need to buy a battery but just to be sure i took some pictures...
  6. byh0005

    ride height on atomik

    i just bought a 2009 125cc atomik motox and was wondering if anyone knows how to adjust the rideheight i have been told its adjustable
  7. C

    Cheap Engines!!

    Hi mates, Does anyone no where i can get cheap 125 Lifan engines from.:)