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  1. D


    i have a pirhana 140 engine fitted into a ct90 frame. will a klx110 exhaust work? for some reason i cannot find the flange specs and size anywhere. i know this has a 1.26 inch flange size out of the head. any help is appreciated
  2. the50king

    FMF powercore?

    Just saw these pipes on ebay and it says its a bigbore for a crf50 just wonderin if they fit on a china lifan 125?? 00-11 Honda CRF50 Big Bore FMF Aluminum PowerCore 4 Full Exhaust System | eBay
  3. O

    Trying to hook up my 93 Suzuki DS80

    Just got a 93 DS80. I want to get fmf pipe and expansion chamber for it but can't find an exact match. Was wondering if anybody knew if pipes specified for other 50s or 80s would fit? Also a place to find good aftermarket parts to spruce the lil guy up. Sold my trx450r to get a streetbike...
  4. dunny29er

    New: CRF150RB

    hey guys just thought id show you my 2008 Honda CRF150RB i just got Things im gunna do -ASV levers -New Graphics kit -Maybe FMF Exhaust -Red Radiotor Lines