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  1. domotox

    Fort Lytton race days

    Hi Guys, Been a long time. I went to the dark side and have been riding a full size but I cant get passed minis so I purchased a DHZ140 to do a little mini racing. I just moved to the Goldie and want to start racing. What days do minis race at Fort Lytton? What membership do I need to race?
  2. Karlos247

    Sinister50's MiniMoto Madness Fort Lytton Mx

    I've started talks with Fort Lytton mx club about running a stand alone mini event later in the year. I'm proposing The event be held on Saturday October 25th. I just want to hear peoples thoughts on dates and numbers of riders willing to travel. The event will be sponsored by Sinister50's...
  3. Tamzy

    Just a qiuck lap of Fort Lytton

    On a stock crf50 engine, with the normal mods. super fun track!