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    2018 KLX 110L Riding Videos!

    Hi guys, I uploaded a lot of riding videos to YouTube and I figured I would share them here. Thanks for checking it out!
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    Short Edit: BucciMoto - 190CC Daytona Anima Engine.

    Watch in 1080p *HD* Riding with my BucciMoto dirtbike, 190cc Daytona engine +CRASH - YouTube Please subscribe to my youtube channel, means alot for me. Thanks for watching, i hope you will enjoy it :)
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    Re-Packed the video, it finally uploaded!

    Thought I recorded a bit more but didnt, so you get the 'not trying to annoy the neighbours run'....
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    How do you mount your GoPro??

    I was looking but couldn't seem to find a thread on where and how people mount their gopro cameras for footage. I know I have a cheap 720p camera but its really decent quality for the price it was(apparently its made by the same company that makes gopro . I didnt really want to mess around...
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    New to the forum check out my vids

    hey Guys new to the forum, been riding for about 10 yrs now and have had a chinese thumpstar for around 4 yrs now but i ride a 2010 crf450 most of the time . Tell me what you think of my vids, The green one is a genuine usa thumpstar and the blackone is a chinese thumpstar. getting owned on a...
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    GOPRO edit on youtube

    Did this a while ago, thought I would chuck it here if anyone's interested. Got footage from some races but haven't edited them yet. Fifty Fun at Lymington - YouTube