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  1. D

    Needing help please

    Hi, My cousin purchased a Lei bike was the 125cc This is the exact bike: XR125 what happened was it was pouring rain and he hit a storm water drain head on doing about 70km/h and lucky for him he was wearing a helmet and also did not get seriously hurt but he snapped the triple clamp fot the...
  2. S

    Modding 2014 Honda CRF50 mini bike

    Hey guys i'm new here, i'm just wanting to share my build as i've just brought a CRF50 a few days ago. it's completely stock, and i'm wanting to do the basics of h/d fork springs, rear shock, bar kit, exhaust and pegs . i'm hoping that will make my bike a bit more fun.. what do you guys...
  3. millhouse motorcycles


    wots the difference from normal thumpstar handlebars to pro-tapers, are they worth buying?? they dont look any different