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  1. R

    110cc pit bike headlight problem

    Hello! For start sory for my bad language skills. I have problems with my pit bike eletronics. I wanted to add headlight to my pit bike. So i wired everything up, but something was wrong and i end up with busted batery. From my strator comes out only 2v but from rectifier about 6v. Could any one...
  2. S

    bobber build

    ok so some ppl might not be happy that i cut up a x4 but i got it for free and felt like building some thing with it http://www.miniriders.com/attachments/china-builds/9741d1395488565-bobber-build-001-2-jpg...
  3. xLOCOx

    :( pain in the bum Stator, charging/lighting coil!!

    ive got another thread related to a rec reg setup..... http://www.miniriders.com/ask-tech-masters/38211-how-setup-rec-reg-kit.html gday lads and laddies so i put the coil on.. which was supplied by my67xr.. thanks again . anyway my new coil is generating 3.5V and i was thinking i need...
  4. sam93

    Head light

    Hi guys, Any ideas on a half decent head light? Having trouble on finding a half decent one that will actually light up the bush. Yes i have looked on ebay and online stores nothing yet. Thanks, Sam93.