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  1. B

    Pit bike gas switch leak HELP

    Hi i have an apollo 007 dirt bike that is leaking for the gas swicth it self any ideas on how to stop that leaking.
  2. S

    New mini build

    hey guy's i recently brought a pitpro crf style one with a 140cc engine but engine is missing heaps off it im thinking/planning a build it has the usd forks and swingarm with rear shock no wheels or bars im looking for any ideas as was thinking of doing a 10/10 or a 12/10 build with a semi auto...
  3. S

    engine conversions

    has anyone on here ever done a zongshen 250cc engine conversion into any types of jap bikes ive been looking for honda xr200 frames but not much about on ebay just looking for ideas atm to put a good running engine into something that has strength even looking at ideas on old school dirtbikes
  4. motorman

    Miniriders Renovators

    Just curious to see how many people have done some reno's on there houses. Having just brought a house I'm looking for ideas on what I can do. Chuck some pics up of before and after and costs to do things.
  5. Binnybugg

    Exhaust Question

    Hey all, Just curious if anyone knows if you can get such thing as a exhaust heat guard? Sorry this may be a stupid question, but it is something I'm really interested in knowing. If you can't buy them can anybody advise of a good prevention you can DIY? Many thanks in advance...
  6. bra

    TTY racing 125cc thupstar

    this is my tty 125cc thumpstar i just bought off my mate for $750 its only about 3months old tell me wat u think or if u have any tips/ideas for it thanks :) heres the link to the original site: TTY Racing 125 Thumpster