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  1. Jonte

    Terra moto Krusha 125 transmission

    Hello! My friend have Terra moto Krusha 125 -07 pit bike and he broke the transmission from it. :D So does anyone know what transmission would fit for it? Motorcode is 156fmi.
  2. Tryggvi

    Possible electric start?

    Hi, i mostly watch threads instead of making them so i might do something wrong anyway i have a 125cc terra moto krusha and it has a starting motor and all the wires but not a battery i was wondering if it's just that simple that i need to buy a battery but just to be sure i took some pictures...
  3. ultimabikestar


    hi i no a bit about pitbikes, but not much and i was wondering what would be a better buy, a pro 125 puzey, or a motovert krusha with a gpx 125cc racing engine in it? the motovert is going for about $500-$600 and the puzey is $1000 (im going to try and ask for it for less) thanx, any comments...