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  1. C

    Kx60 swingarm

    Does anyone know if a kx80/85/100 swingarm (post '88) will bolt on to a kx60 (post '85) not including the linkage and shock? Trying to get some more height out of this and turn it into a real mini montster as well as a disc brake conversion atleast in the rear. Open to any ideas even if that...
  2. nick150

    2010 KX 85 Big Wheel

    ITEM AND CONDITION: 2010 KX85 Big Wheel (mint condition) PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $3,700 Negotiable - Cash or money transfer REASON FOR SELLING: Don't ride it anymore EXTRA INFO: Bought brand new from Peter Stevens Motorcyles, Only had approximately 7 hours riding time...
  3. josh95

    KX85 or ATOMIK 250?

    Which is better to buy?? Tell me