lifan 140

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  1. my67xr

    Daytona Anima 190 F FDX FLX, Zongshen 155Z , Yinxiang YX150 YX160 Clutch Basket repair

    an engine i worked on had a lot of rubber in the oil filter strainer down the front/bottom of the r/h engine case so i thought i had better check the clutch basket. it looked ok, but when i held the alloy basket, i could move the gear on the back forwads and backwards. that shouldn't happen...
  2. Detz

    lifan 140 questions.

    Ok this is my first post so ill start with hows everyone goin?, im new to mini's and just got one, so i have a few questions to ask. Today i got a bike off a guy, seems to be a pitpro 140, got it cheap cos its got a few problems, sussed the parts on dhz and was happy to buy the bike and pay...
  3. Moto99

    lifan 140cc help ?

    Have you tryed N-1-2-3-4 ? should say on the motor if its new
  4. B

    arrrgh! help! motor won't start

    i'm hoping someone has some advice on this one for me. i pulled down the head and cylinder last weekend on my lifan 140. it was starting like a pig (taking 5-10mins of kicking the thing) but running fine once going so i figured there might be some issues with the valves not sitting completely...