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  1. N

    New Genuine Keihin PE28 Carb

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Genuine Keihin PE28 Carb, Brand new, never used PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $150 REASON FOR SELLING: Purchased to fit to a new bike that I didn't end up buying EXTRA INFO: Includes Daytona manifold etc..came as a whole kit LOCATION AND CONTACT DETAILS...
  2. B

    26mm Intake Manifold

    Ok been trying to find a 26mm intake manifold for my carby best I have found so far is this 26mm Universal Carby Carburetor Intake Manifold PIT PRO Quad Dirt Bike ATV Buggy | eBay In the description though it says 27.7mm just wondering if this would still be ok though it's the only 26mm I...
  3. china911

    keihin pe 28 on braap 190

    Hi lm wanting to know if l only buy a rubber adapter for the existing manifold. (mikuni 22 w/air box) to connect a new PE.28 , or do l get a new manifold. ? Also has any one modified the air box to suit the carby
  4. T

    YX 150, hole in head ?

    Hi I recently bought an YX150 engine and...There is a small hole near intake manifold. Can anyone explain what it? I'm puzzled?
  5. M

    Help needed with intake/manifold

    Hi everybody! I need a intake for my slightly tuned z50ak2, (70cc cylinder+e22 cylinderhead). The intake must be in size for a Keihin pc18 carburator, aprox 18-21mm. There is very little space between the cylinder and tank so it must be a very neat manifold or a long one, mounted at an angle...