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  1. T

    14/12 wheel swap

    Hey dudes awsome forum you got going here anyway I got a cheap china hack yamoto I think it's called frame is stamped with a star only cost me $100 an has been pretty good bike usd forks disc brakes rear shock holds My fat ass aswel the only thing is it's on 14/12 wheel set up I just Wana know...
  2. ----M@TT----

    Atomik Nitrous Motard

    NEW ATOMIK NITROUS MOTARD 160CC PIT MOTOR DIRT BIKE (eBay item 170566547378 end time 18-Nov-10 21:30:12 AEDST) : Cars, Bikes, Boats Wow atomik have gone to motards now? Is is this first time? never seen it on their site before thats all
  3. GenuineRider

    New atomik nitrous 160cc

    Thinking of buying this bike, looks alot better than all the previous makes of atomik NEW ATOMIK NITROUS 160CC PIT DIRT BIKE MOTOR THUMPSTAR - eBay Other Trail Bikes, Trail Bikes, Motorcycles, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 27-Aug-09 22:15:00 AEST) What do you think?
  4. W84ME

    Bigger rear sproket for Atomik pro x

    Hi. I have recently purchased an Atomik pro x 140 Bigfoot and am after a bigger rear sprocket. I'm having trouble finding something that will match, I rang Atomik and they said that the sprockets only come in one size (37 tooth) and that they only stock factory parts. I have tried a couple of...