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  1. K

    rx-1 mini dirt bike problems

    I recently bought a Rx-1 traxxis mini dirt bike. When I pull start it , the back tire spins. Bike will run fine with the rear tire lifted off the ground. As soon as set it down the bike stalls out. ... ok here is what I need help with ... I figured this was a clutch problem. So I bought a new...
  2. mr_kawasaki

    is this a good idea??

    I was thinking today what if I buy one of them cheap little 49cc mini dirtbikes and put an old 80cc water cooled 2 stroke engine in it... would it work?
  3. C

    First mini dirt bike - KXD 50 - Yamaha Blue

    I have just turned 14 and I am thinking about getting this as my first dirt bike. Here are the specs: # Brand New Frame Design # KTM Style Plastics # Adjustable Rear Shock Absorber # Upside Front Forks # Extended Rear Swinging Arm # New Design Big Bore Exhaust System # 3M Graphics...