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  1. Luke918273

    Anyone still into pit bikes/minis

    It seems throughout the years the scene has faded? Or is it just me? My new build at the moment
  2. Georgalis

    NSW fifty goons

    I havnt seen many riding pics on here lately , so I thought I'd share some pics of the squids in NSW doing what they do enjoying minis
  3. domotox

    Fort Lytton race days

    Hi Guys, Been a long time. I went to the dark side and have been riding a full size but I cant get passed minis so I purchased a DHZ140 to do a little mini racing. I just moved to the Goldie and want to start racing. What days do minis race at Fort Lytton? What membership do I need to race?
  4. ThumpstarHQ

    Heaps of girls plus Minis, 50s & Pit Bikes?? Check this facebook page out : )

    Heaps of girls plus Minis, 50s & Pit Bikes?? Check this facebook page out : ) Anyone else got any pics like this?
  5. TomaszBurcon

    Backyard Fmx Minis

    dont know if this has been posted before... of if i have just seen the video before? :/ kool video though once it gets into it <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. WeRideMinis

    cheap vinyl cut stickers!!!

    Hey everyone, Just thought this would be a good chance to introduce myself, my names craig, im 21 from sydney. A fellow minibike rider, I would like to offer my trade to all fellow minirider members, I make custom vinyl stickers for cars. Bikes. Boats. Pretty much anything. Racing numbers...