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  1. Barnesd09

    Motard Ride Day 12th Sept

    The date has been set for a Motard ride day. Where: "The Track" 365 McDonald Road, South Morang When: 12th Septmeber 2010 10:30am onwards Cost $35 per bike and $5 for a second rider of a bike. What: Bring your mini motard, pocketbike, big bike, any bike and ride. F1 Management Go Karts...
  2. Nadza72

    QLD Minimotard Titles 2010

    Is anyone currently thinking about or even already organising any type of QLD titles for for mini motard next year. If not already under way are there any riders and or QLD club members interested in QLD titles in some format next year. Everybody feel free to join in the thread with ideas or...
  3. no_crf50_here

    VIDEO: Stupid tends to hurt

    Lap after lap, then i had a thought - I'll doo some wheelies, yeh that sounds like fun... woops Stupid Hurts