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  1. G

    50cc to 110cc conversion, help needed!

    Hi, i have a 50cc pit bike and i want to get more power, can i put a 110cc cylinder on without changing the crankshaft or the clutch? i have another engine but i want gears and a manual clutch.
  2. zwebx

    How to Compete in the VCM Fast 50's class

    How To Begin Racing Minibikes In Victoria This is a Public Draft *Mods please add replies do not edit the post. i will include that information later on Nearing completion, Please reply if i have missed out on anything or if you have anything to add :) With bikes getting cheaper, more...
  3. unitrider08

    modifications for

    hey all i need sum help o just bought a petrol scooter it does about 35kmh or so and its a 43cc 2 stroke motor i need any1s help to add find or list some modifications for this and where i can get them i want to add a bit of power and a bit of a higher speed ontop of that any help appreciated