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  1. C

    Lifan 125cc Turbo oil feed

    Yo! Was wondering if the ports on the cylinder head where oil cooler lines are inserted have enough pressure to lubricate for example a vz21 turbocharger? Thank you!
  2. T

    My 1974 Honda z50 build on YouTube!

    It's my work in progress. All parts have came straight off eBay. Check out my videos and my channel at I'm currently working on recovering the seat. I'm going to sew a new seat cover.... Hopefully. So yeah, join me in this build my...
  3. D

    1969 st70 dax, project

    ITEM AND CONDITION:hey guys i have a 1969 honda dax (rat dax), what is just sitting in my living room, and would love for someone to bring it up to its former glory, it currently has z50 shocks and cut z50 springs in the front, with new tyres and i replaces the wheels with better condtion use...
  4. tomy251

    Tomy251s' 1st ZEDDA! 1976 Z50J1 Build...

    Hi guys! FINALLY Bought myself a Monkey Bike! :D Picked her up last Thursday how it is in these Pics: She NEEDS some LOVE thats for sure hahaha MY PLANS are to get it in its Original form with a few extra little touches! They include: -Sandblast/Powdercoat (or...
  5. Peter1230

    Z50 Compliance plates

    Hey guys. I too am joining the Z50 world! I am unsure of the year model of it.. but it is old.. rusty but still a project for me. I need to know what i am looking for on the plate on the side of the bike. It is a bit scratched and numbers a a bit hard to make out. But it does mention...