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  1. Blender

    WTB: a set of 700mm forks

    WANTED: 700mm forks to fit atomik motox. Must come with triples. Prefferebly USD CONDITION: NO rust on fork stanchions, legs etc. PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: show me what you got :) LOCATION: lismore, 2480 EXTRA INFORMATION: None to add really, just the best condition as possible...
  2. H

    Backfiring Atomik 125CC Moto X

    Hey guys, A mate of mine has a 125CC Moto X. He has just got into riding and i'm trying to iron out a few issues for him. After running in for about an hour, it started backfiring and I saw some flames out the exhaust holding the throttle on about 1/4. I have checked and changed the...
  3. ZX12R_919

    Can Anyone tell me wat the RS125 Atomik is like

    Hello All, Can anyone tell me what the RS 125 Atomik's are like? I know they are chinese made so i cant expect much, but are they better then the PROX and the MOTOX? Also can anyone plz tell me apart from loctiting all the nuts and bolts what else can i do to the RS 125 to make it more reliable...