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  1. android90

    Motovert rx z160HO exhaust help

    Hello just wanting peoples opinions on a decent exhaust for my motovert rx that im about to replace the old blown up lifan 150 with a z160ho that I recently purchased though DHZ , keep in mind in south australia where I live the cops can be quite rude and defect alot of bikes and cars for loud...
  2. android90

    Motovert rx z160HO exhaust help

    Hey guys Im back haha , top end of my Lifan 150 is stuffed and the bottom end is too so I got a z160ho from DHZ , now I am after peoples opinions of best exhaust for this engine but keep in mind it will be in a road legal pitbike so dont want to get defected all the time and have to take it in...
  3. D

    Motovert rx125 need help

    I bought an 08 model rx125 when I got it home it had a shattered bottom headset bearing and I can't rind anywhere to get new bearings if anyone can help me find somewhere I can find a set it would be cutie helpful as they are a different size to all my other thumpsters
  4. android90

    Motovert swingarm replacement ?

    Hey guys i am about to order new swingarm as the bolts that attach it to the frame completely stuffed up and cant get it fixed by any bike shops or them source the parts I know the PITSTER PRO X4R >> HD PITSTERPRO X4R Alloy Swingarm works but im very low on cash at the moment ....... does...
  5. android90

    Motvert RX 2" RPM 10,000 Gauge 7 Colours

    Just mounted this on my ""MOTOVERT RX "" street legal pitty .. pointless some may say but I want it just for reference and looks... oh its not hooked up yet cos I couldnt be bothered AHAHAHA!!
  6. android90

    "5 speed transmission for road use"

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows of any reliable" 5 speed transmissions(OR EVEN 6 SPEED IF IT WOUD BE ANY GOOD??) that will suit my LIFAN 150-1P56FMJ..... Take into consideration this motor is in my road riden 'Motovert RX" here is one from a brand called NECTO, but i do not know of...
  7. android90

    Motovert RX,(LIFAN 150), CAM UPGRADE?

    Hey all out there , what camshaft would you guys recommend me upgrading to in my lifan 150 (1P56FMJ), It is used on the road so cant sacrificise to much bottom end speed..
  8. M

    Motovert Final Clearance Sale - Bikes @ eBay Auction starting from $1NR freight free!

    To make way for new stock, we are having one final clearance sale on all Motovert stock in the warehouse through eBay. The Motovert brand is one of the first and longest running mini bike brands in Australasia, with more than 10,000 units sold since its inception. Motovert bikes are built...
  9. S

    Motovert RX Questions

    Hey, It's not long now before i get my long waited motorcycle L's. I wan't to buy a Motovert RX 125 new. But i am a bit skeptical as i know these bikes have some Chinese parts. I plan to use the bike as my only way of getting around, to work, school etc. Is it reliable, what problems have...
  10. fastR

    Motovert RX Parts

    Hoping some other RX owners can help me out with this or anyone else that has info... Just starting an RX build and I am missing a few parts to get her on the road. The main one being the bearings/bushes etc to attach the swing arm. I have read all the previous threads regarding this...
  11. mr-munro

    Underslung exhaust?

    Hi all , my rx has gotten a bit too loud now it has the lfan 150 in it and I'm looking for a new exhaust. as normal I'd like to keep the high flow part and just lose the volume, I have a H-bomb on it now that was fine with the 146bbk etc but it's just too loud with the 150. As I'm up for a new...